Friday, August 31, 2012

The Challenge

Learnmore is a very sophisticated online resource, including video, audio and rich text content. Repurposing this for mobile use presented us with a number of barriers:

  • Interactive video content: originally written in a Flash-based Adobe product, the existing audio slideshows needed to be reconstructed in a format that was sustainable and would operate on tablet devices.
  • Relevant content: not all content that is useful for consumption on the desktop would prove either useable or relevant in mobile form - the selection of the right content needed a clear evidence base.
  • Rich text: some of the annotated rich text content (e.g. annotated documentation from legal cases) required very specific layout to provide clarity to the reader.
  • Visual and organisational coherence: users of the existing Learnmore site have specific expectations of the presentation and organisation of the Learnmore content. While new users may expect specific mobile presentation, based on the norms of the mobile platform chosen, existing users may be impeded if the present organisation and presentation was abandoned.

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