Friday, August 31, 2012


The Learnmore project provides mobile access to selected content of a popular online learning resource – Learnmore, part of City University’s Lawbore online information for law students. 

As a more focussed and clearly bounded package of content, Learnmore represented a well-scoped and controllable resource that could be adapted into mobile form in a short period of time. Given the rapid adoption of digital content by the legal profession in general, and by law students in particular, the resource was also likely to benefit from a high level of adoption in practice, and its current use was well understood by the staff of City’s Law School, and the university’s law librarian.

The provision of Learnmore content in a purpose-built mobile app will allow students to use the content offline in mobile tablet form. This would allow for a better mobile experience, in terms both of interaction design and allowing for offline as well as online use.

Aims and Objectives

The goals of the project were to produce:
  •  A software framework that can be adapted to deliver a variety of mobile content applications
  •  A content strategy that enables us to identify the most useful content for mobile devices, and either adapt it specifically for mobile consumption.
  •  Primary and analysed data from a field study of mobile consumption that can inform both software and content development for mobile interfaces to library collections. This will be distilled into user personas, scenarios and storyboards.

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