Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Work Package 1 (WP1): Initialisation (4 weeks)

This work package will develop the foundations for the mobile app infrastructure, moving the existing Learnmore content and index into mobile form. WP1.1 will focus on understanding the context of use, so that we can understand which content to prioritise, while WP1.2 will focus on the technical design, identifying any technical limitations for the overall design and creating an overall architecture for the underlying software.

Work Package 2: Prototyping (5 weeks)

We create one or more prototypes (WP2.1) and get initial feedback from initial trials with users (WP2.2), before undertaking some basic development work on an app (WP2.3).

Work Package 3: Development Phase 1 (5 weeks)

Building on the initial software prototype (WP2.3), the main code for the App is developed (WP3.1), while a long-term content policy is developed (WP3.2). First-cut usability trials of an actual app are undertaken to ensure that the design matches the user expectations identified in WP2.2.

Work Package 4: Development Phase 2 (7 weeks)

Final coding and testing leading to the final app (WP4.1), will be followed by field and lab testing (WP4.2). In parallel, we will refine the content strategy (WP4.3).

Work Package 5: Documentation and Dissemination (ongoing)

Throughout, we will document the App's development, the user personas and other materials that could be reused for designing other mobile apps, and the parallel organisation of a content strategy. These will be disseminated internally and externally. 

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