Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Learnmore Project

Aims and Objectives

The Learnmore project is taking an existing resource for Law students - the Learnmore part of City University's Lawbore website - and reorganising and representing the content for a mobile audience. Our aim is to create a compelling mobile learning resource for Law students, that can serve as an archetype for other mobile content projects at City University London and elsewhere.

We will be testing our success by a series of formal and informal usability studies run at City University's Interaction Laboratory. Successful navigation of the content, and high user satisfaction ratings will indicate that our mobile app is an effective means of providing students with mobile content.

Project Outputs

The specific output will be:
  1. A generic iOS (iPhone/iPad) program for housing Learnmore and similar content on mobile devices.
  2. A working Learnmore iOS app with the Learnmore content
  3. A content strategy for similar projects at City University and elsewhere

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